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Thank you for your interest in Hana Pharm.

Chairman Mr. Kyung il Cho acquired Woochun Pharmaceutical Company (founded in 1959) and founded Hana Pharmaceutical Company (we also called Hana) in 1996, to develop innovative drugs and research based on pharmaceutical duty and social achievement. The company name, Hana, represents our dream for globalization and infinite development in the field.

So, we take our best for satisfy our company motto ? “For people’s better life, it may come from the better medicines.” In addition, we continue our effort to research for developing the best qualified pharmaceutical products as adapting current manufacturing facilities, quality control and assurance system, and to expand broad distribution channel for essential and orphan drugs. We strongly believe that this will help our customer including publics with essential satisfaction.

Recently, we completed remodeling of our 1st manufacturing site, as known as Sangsin Plant to be our API manufacturing site and 2nd manufacturing site, as known as Hagil Plant, to be mainly finished product manufacturing site: We also plan to upgrade and prepare Hagil plant to fulfil EU-GMP standard.

In 2013, we got GMP approval for lyophilized formulation, then also for prefilled formulation in 2015. By adding these manufacturing system in Hagil Plant, we try to expand our manufacturing capacity as well as qualified pharmaceutical products. Our newly launched products are in anesthetic, analgesic, and osteoarthritis and this comes from the result for our continuous feedback among customers and medical professions.

In our new R&D center located in Pankyo (will be held during Mid of 2016), our researchers will take their significant duty to develop the innovative formulation, manufacturing, synthetic technology as well as developing NCE.
Our great compassion for respect and love toward our social community and human being, we hope all of our customers will acknowledge our will: All of us in Hana will try to become the specialized and truthful company, which people will be familiar with.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours, Dong Jae Choi President / CEO