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CEO Greetings

"We are committed to a better life
with the better medicine.”

Hana Pharm always does its best to realize our company’s motto, “We are committed to a better life with the better medicine.”

In 1996, Hana Pharm merged with Woocheon Pharm (est. 1958), to form a 21st century advanced pharmaceutical company. Hana Pharm is known for it's human dignity, a challenging spirit, and it's contributions to society. Over the past 20 years we have been committed to developing better medicine, expanding GMP manufacturing facilities, and assuring GMP with a focus on investment and R&D to improve satisfaction from hospital care professionals and patients.

Above all, we have achieved sustained growth based on anesthetic and narcotic analgesics which our company specializes in. Recently, we regard new drug development as a growth engine and have successfully executed Phase3 study for remimazolam, an innovative new drug anesthetic.

We contribute to improving public welfare by providing high-quality pharmaceutical and various differentiated products produced by the Sang-sin and Ha-gil factory located in the Hyangnam Pharmaceutical Industries Complex. We also export our products to promote the health of global citizens.

We annually launch new products based on professional feedback from various treatment market fields.

All employees from Hana Pharm strive to improve patient health based on good pharmaceutical products while keeping our challenging and innovative attitude.

We strive to be a more reliable company for patients and primary health care professionals. We look forward to your continued interest and support.