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Ethical Management

"Hana Pharm will do the best to create
the right corporate culture.”

What is CP?

The compliance program is an internal compliance system that enacts, operates, educates, and supervises companies to self-regulate fair trade laws and regulations.

Hana Pharm’s fair trade compliance program voluntarily abides by the Fair Trade Act, Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, Medical Law, Medical Device Law, and associated sub-regulations. By avoiding unfair customer attraction, we are leading free competition in the pharmaceutical market while protecting our customers and associated companies from legal issues.

CP Operating Organization

CP Operating Organization CP Operating Organization

Key tasks of each organization

  • Compliance manager

    Total planning and operation of compliance program. Maintain and share various laws and regulations.

  • CP management team

    Performing in-house CP-related tasks, compliance program employee training,
    fair trade consultation and guidance, and violations of regulation checks.

  • Compliance staff by department

    Voluntary audit and training of the assigned departments. Configuring the hotline with the CP team.

  • CP committee

    Decisions on disciplinary punishment for employees who violate the compliance program.
    Deciding on critical issues of the compliance program.